2018-2019 Officers


Tony Heinz

Leak Testing Specialist


Gary Partington

ProSys Containment & Sampling Technology

Secretary/ Treasurer

Justin Dexter

MBraun Inc.

Imm. Past President

Nate Levene

Merrick & Company

2018-2019 Directors

Joe McVeigh

CNS, Y-12


John Newman

MBraun Inc.

Greg Wunderlich


The AGS Board of Directors has approved the following slate of candidates for 2019/20. Additional nominations may be generated by petitions signed by at least one percent of the regular voting members of record. Such petitions shall be received not later than May 15th. If only one candidate is nominated for each elective office, the Executive Director shall cast a unanimous ballot in lieu of formal elections.

2019/20 OFFICERS

Gary Partington, President
Justin Dexter, President-Elect
Paul Contreras – Secretary/Treasurer
Tony Heinz, Immediate Past President

Mark Borland (Term Ending 7/21)
Tim Gabriel (Term Ending 7/21)
Kevin Kotter (Term Ending 7/21)
Nate Levene (Term Ending 7/21)
Joe McVeigh (Term Ending 7/20)
John Newman (Term Ending 7/20)
Dan Payne (Term Ending 7/20)
Jose Rodriguez (Term Ending 7/20)
Greg Wunderlich (Term Ending 7/20)

BOD Meeting February 25, 2019