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American Glovebox Society (AGS) is a non-profit formed in 1986 for the purpose of advancing the science of glovebox and containment technology.





























































2016-17 Officers


2016-17 Directors

Greg Wunderlich
  Paul Contreras
Los Alamos
National Laboratory
Brad Langley
B&W Y12

Nate Levene
Merrick & Company
  Carl Fink
CTL Corp.
John Newman
MBraun, Inc.

Tony Heinz
Leak Testing Specialists

  Lyle Freeman
Premier Technology
Gary Partington
Immediate Past President
Justin Dexter
MBraun, Inc.
  Rick Hinkley
Los Alamos National
Jim Spolyar

Past Presidents

Justin Dexter, MBraun, Inc., 2015-16
Scott Hinds, Western Refining, 2014-2015
Paul Contreras, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2013-2014
Nate Levene, Merrick & Company, 2012-2013
Patrick Westover, Savannah River National Laboratory, 2011-2012
Jim Spolyar, SKAN US, 2010-2011
Keith Landy, Germfree, 2009-2010
Ken Rosenberg, Idaho National Laboratory, 2008-2009
Fidel Vigil, Los Alamos National Security., 2007-2008
John Newman, IP Sytems, Inc., 2006-2007
Trish Wright, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2005-2006
Mark Borland, Idaho National Laboratory, 2004-2005
Carl Fink, CTL Corp., 2003-2004
Lyle Freeman, Premier Technology, 2002-2003
Larry Tellier, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2001-2002
Ken Rosenberg, Argonne National Laboratory - West, 2000-2001
Keith Landy, Purified microEnvironments (a Div. of Germfree Laboratory), 1999-2000
Eliot Cook, Absolute Control Systems, 1998-1999
Ron Smith, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, 1997-1998
Floyd Hipshire, Lockheed Martin Energy Systems, Inc., 1996-1997
Jim Hines, Experienced Solutions Consultants, 1995-1996
Craig Johnson, Carlisle Life Sciences, 1994-1995
Joe Estrellado, Jr., Westinghouse Hanford, 1993-1994
Norine Harris, 1992-1993
Stan Schultheis, 1991-1992
Don Hofmann, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1990-1991
William Jackson, Westinghouse Savannah River Company, 1989-1990
Keith Rensberger, Jona Machining, 1988-1989
Rodney Smith, BWXT Y-12, 1987-1988
Mike Mayr, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1986-1987


Keystone Award Recipients

Rodney Smith, BWXT Y-12 (2001)
Dean Shipley, BWXT Y-12 (2002)
Arthur A. Frigo, Argonne National Laboratory (2003)
Larry Walkley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2004)
Craig Johnson, CPS Barrier (2005)
Paul Smith, IP Systems (2006)
Carl Fink, CTL Corp. (2007)
Ken Rosenberg, Idaho National Laboratory (2008)
Ron Smith, Consultant (2009)
John Newman, IP Systems (2010)
Russ Krainiak, Integrated Containment Systems, LLC (2011)
Keith Rensberger, IP Systems (2012)
Patrick Westover, Savannah River National Laboratory (2014)
Cindy Lawton, Los Alamos National Laboratory (2015)
Paul Contreras, Los Alamos National Laboratory (2016)


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